Washington State: Vote Yes for 522

Here in Indiana the debate on adding GMO ingredients to food labels is just getting underway.   Here is a Facebook Page you can join to keep up with the Indiana discussion.   The real test comes soon in Washington State and hopefully it will pass.   


I hear a lot of arguments against labeling.  Some of the staunchest opponents come from the right wing conservatives who look at it as 'big government' getting in the way of the Free Market.   My argument considers that we all have just as much to fear from big corporations.  After all, who pays for all that 'government' anyway?   When was the last time you sent a check to a politician or went to the capitol and lobbied?  


Free markets require free competition.  Adam Smith (father of the free market theory) wasn't ranting against the government nearly as much as he was ranting against government sanctioned monopolies as enemies to competition


Smith's battle was with the Nobles who were hand in glove with the government of his day to control everything to stifle competition.  Today's new nobles are big businesses.   Why would a real conservative support them?   The reality of our system is that big business IS big government and they are spending millions in Washington to stop this initiative.   



What a GMO label looks like in Europe



This is what a GMO label looks like. Not ridiculous is it? So why are the Food Monopolies spending $17 million so far to stop it in Washington State? You can help. Donate $5 here

Monopoly Watch: ADM and the Global Grain Grab

and if you are in Washington please vote for transparency. 


GMO Fight in Washington State

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